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GMW14671 4th Edition, December 1, 2016 Organic Coating Performance for Underhood and Underbody Components

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Description / Abstract: Material Description. This standard gives performance requirements for organic-coat finishes on the surfaces of underhood and underbody components. It also gives opportunity to specify the type of coating material to be used.

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Applicability. These coatings are typically used on chassis components, as well as other underhood and underbody components.

Remarks. Eight types of paint are covered by this specification: Types A and B are both cathodic e-coats in two different thickness ranges. Type C is dip primer other than cathodic e-coat. Type D is powder coating. If Type E is specified, the applicator is free to choose Type A, B, C or D but must stay with this choice. Type F is to be further specified on the drawing using notes or a paint material specification. Type G is solventor water-based, spray-applied paint. Type H is a dip or dip spin high-performance coating commonly specified for high-strength control arms, links and cradles/framing. Type H coatings are normally used on bare steel substrates