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EIA/TIA-604-4-B:2004 (R2014)

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EIA/TIA-604-4-B:2004 (R2014)

FOCIS 4 Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard- Type FC and FC-APC

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FOCIS 4a presents the intermateability standard for connectors with the commercial designation FC and FC-APC, and includes requirements for PM fiber connectors. This standard is issued as an addendum to TIA/EIA 604, Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standards,. The provisions of TIA/EIA 604 apply to this document.

Author EIA/TIA
Editor EIA
Document type Standard
Format File
Confirmation date 2014-01-29
ICS 33.180.20 : Fibre optic interconnecting devices
Number of pages 26
Replace TIA/EIA-604-4A (2000-10)
Cross references ANSI/TIA-604-4-B (2004), IDT
Year 2004
Document history EIA/TIA-604-4-B (2004-09)
Country USA
Keyword EIA 604;EIA 604.4;EIA/TIA 604;EIA/TIA-604;EIA/TIA-604-4;604;EIA TIA-604-4-B