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SAE J 2340:2017-03-22

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SAE J 2340:2017-03-22

Categorization and Properties of Dent Resistant, High Strength, and Ultra High Strength Automotive Sheet Steel (Stabilized: Mar 2017)

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This SAE Recommended Practice defines and establishes mechanical property ranges for seven grades of continuously cast high strength automotive sheet steels that can be formed, welded, assembled, and painted in automotive manufacturing processes. The grade of steel specified for an identified part should be based on part requirements (configuration and strength) as well as formability. Material selection should also take into consideration the amount of strain induced by forming and the impact strain has on the strength achieved in the finished part. These steels can be specified as hot-rolled sheet, cold-reduced sheet, uncoated, or coated by hot dipping, electroplating, or vapor deposition of zinc, aluminum, and organic compounds normally applied by coil coating. The grades and strength levels are achieved through chemical composition and special processing. Not all combinations of strength and coating types may be commercially available. Consult your steel supplier for details.
Author SAE
Editor SAE
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 43.020 : Road vehicles in general
77.140.50 : Flat steel products and semi-products
Number of pages 18
Replace SAE J 2340:1999-10-25
Set JPAKS10U-10
Year 2017
Document history SAE J 2340:1999-10-25
Country USA
Keyword SAE 2340;SAE J2340;SAE J2340;SAE J 2340