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AWWA F 120:2018

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AWWA F 120:2018

Ozone Systems for Water

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This standard describes the minimum requirements for ozone systems and equipment used to treat potable water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and storm water. This standard covers high concentration ozone generation equipment using discharge dielectrics and modular-type ozone generators fed from oxygen gas vaporized from a liquid oxygen (LOX) storage system. Equipment under this standard includes ozone generators with associated ancillary equipment, design considerations, and testing requirements. Both fine bubble diffusion and sidestream ozone dissolution systems are described in the standard. For ozone destruct systems, both thermal-catalytic and thermal systems are described.
This standard can be referenced for design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of ozone systems equipment used in water treatment.

Author AWWA
Editor AWWA
Document type Standard
Format File
EAN ISBN 9781613004784
ICS 13.060.20 : Drinking water
Number of pages 50
Cross references ANSI/AWWA F 120 (2018), IDT
Year 2018
Document history
Country USA
Keyword AWWA 120;120;AWWA F120-18