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RTCA DO-338 2012 Edition, June 13, 2012 Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards for ADS-B Traffic Surveillance Systems and Applications (ATSSA)

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Description / Abstract: This document contains information previously provided in other MASPS: the MASPS for Aircraft Surveillance Applications (ASA) (RTCA DO-289 [48];, the MASPS for Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) (RTCA DO-242A [31]); and the MASPS for Traffic Information Service – Broadcast (TIS-B) (RTCA DO-286B [47]). The document combines those MASPS and updates requirements consistent with ADS-B Version 2. Requirements have been added and revised as necessary from ADS-B Version 1 and are reflected in this document to support the operational applications. ADS-B Version 2 is also the basis for ADS-B equipage requirements in the United States and other parts of the world to support air traffic control (ATC) separation services.

The document specifies requirements for and describes assumptions for all subsystems supporting the operational application of ATSSA, e.g., Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B), Traffic Information Service – Broadcast (TIS-B), Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Rebroadcast (ADS-R), Airborne Surveillance and Separation Assurance Processing (ASSAP) and Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI).

These standards specify characteristics that should be useful to designers, installers, manufacturers, service providers and users for systems intended for operational use within the United States National Airspace System (NAS). Where systems are global in nature, the system may have international applications that are taken into consideration.