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RTCA DO-340 2012 Edition, September 26, 2012 Concept of Use for Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) and Meteorological (MET) Data Link Services

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Description / Abstract: This document provides an aviation industry view on how AIS and MET data link services would be used to support flight operations. In this ConUse, the data link services are considered as either the primary (Category 1) or useful (Category 2) means for communicating AIS and MET information, and voice becomes a secondary means for such communications. The implementation of such services will be evolutionary beginning with expected widespread use of useful (Category 2) AIS and MET data link services.

The document identifies the stakeholders, the operational needs, the justification for AIS and MET data link services, and the needed change processes. Operational scenarios and use cases are included along with examples of AIS and MET information that could be delivered by these services. .

The AIS and MET data link services are expected to be used to support tactical/near-term as well as strategic/planning decisions in multiple operating environments. In addition, there are multiple applications, both ground and airborne, that can benefit from the data link transmission of aircraft derived meteorological information.